Daniel Johnson

“Education builds Confidence…”

My name is Daniel Johnson and I work at the McMinnville Store. I just wanted to share some thoughts about what I feel has been essential education for me.

I am currently enrolled with Walla Walla Community College in their Engine and Equipment Training Council (aka “EETC”) Program. I was the lucky recipient of a first quarter scholarship to participate in this newly offered on line class. The first quarter ended in mid December, and I have to say being able to perform my job duties for Fisher, be a husband to my wife, and a father to my four children, while also obtaining formal education was ideal. The expanded expertise this class has given me has already proven to be very important and useful. This Certification will continue to anchor me deep in this career, and it is my hope that it also makes me a valuable investment and asset to this company.

I have worked over twelve years with a career as a mechanic, and I can’t stress enough the importance of continued education in this field of work. The Equipment we work on is ever changing, and evolving, becoming more high tech, diverse and specialized. It is very important to build a solid foundation with a thorough understanding of the basics. Taking the time to really understand every system, simple to complex, from engine, to power train, to hydraulics, to electrical is vital to the operation, maintenance and repairs of a piece of equipment as a whole. It is essential in being able to assess our customer’s needs, as well as maintain, diagnose and repair any piece of equipment.

I don’t ever assume to know everything, and during my second quarter I look forward to many more “aha!” moments. As a mechanic I feel those are the moments that give us real confidence in what we do. I would encourage any of my fellow employees to seize any opportunity to learn! Read everything that you can get your hands on and be eager to expand your knowledge. Open up conversations with coworkers about the classes they’ve taken and what were some of the most important things they learned. As a crew, take pride in being a shop that is knowledgeable. Most of all, take the opportunity to attend classes or school when it is offered.

I would like to take a moment to thank Pat Richards, Eric Stritzke, Stan Cuszick, and the crew at McMinnville for making me a part of what I feel is one of the best companies around. I am proud to work for a company with such a high reputation. I feel part of that reputation is from the standard of excellence it seeks. Excellence in the equipment it sells.., excellence in the services it offers… excellence in its employees they hire. One of the things I feel that makes Fisher so great is that Fisher not only seeks excellence IN its employees, but understands the importance of cultivating excellence FROM their employees. They achieve this through willingness to invest in superior training and education for them. As an employee I am very thankful.