Program Information


The 4 quarter Outdoor Power Equipment Certificate Program is called OPE. It runs fall, winter, spring, fall and focuses on hand held products up through all gas powered commercial and  Lawn and Garden Equipment.


The 2 year Outdoor Power and Turf Equipment or OPTE program, is a AAAS College Degree program. Its six quarters include the OPE classes with the addition of golf course equipment, commercial mowers and compact diesel engines.

Fully Online

The classes are delivered via a software program called Angel using a wealth of information collected from years of seminars and industry contacts. This information comes via video, text book, animations, various documents, and an in class discussion board.  The WWCC OPE and OPTE are EETC (Equipment and Engine Training Council) Certified. We use the industry developed competencies to guild the skills learned in the various classes. Their website lists the reasons below on why this is so important.

Certification and You

The EETC recently conducted a survey of certified technicians and asked them, “Why did you become certified?” Here are their Top Ten Reasons:

10. Because I’m proud of what I do
9. Certification makes me feel like a professional
8. To improve my skills and abilities
7. To get national recognition
6. To gain the respect of other techs
5. Because my dealer offers salary increases for certification
4. In order to be eligible for promotion
3. To gain more credibility with distributors
2. To open up more job opportunities
1. It shows customers my commitment to service

You can see by these answers that becoming EETC certified along with the degrees is a plus no matter how you look at it. Although its value will be personal to your goals, you will be recognized by everyone in the power equipment industry for your achievement.