Welcome to the OPE website 2017-18 (website updates starting in late july)




We will be making changes to this website’s design and information to represent current and future events. We hope to refine this site to provide the best information on how to get involved with this profession and where it can be applied. We would like to influence people who are technically or mechanically inclined to join this program even if they are unsure of the career they wish to pursue. It is a great starting point that covers the basics of mechanics, electricity, and hydraulics. It provides short term (as in how long it takes to get) certifications that will give you the upper hand in the workforce. Its flexible online option will give you the opportunity to work while you continue learning. Stay tuned in the next couple of months to see the changes. In the mean time you can visit the Facebook page or the WWCC’s information page by clicking the respective banner to the right.

Certificate AAAS Degree Click here for mentor options george.klein@wwcc.edu